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PawMac Shade Override


1.       Create a text file called pawmac_shade_overrides.txt and save it in the same directory as the PawMac application.

2.       Each line of the file should contain 2 numbers separated by a comma. For example:


3.       The first number is the Quill shade pattern, where valid numbers are 0-255 inclusive.

4.       The second number is the GDI+ HatchStyle pattern, where valid numbers are 0-52 inclusive.

Below is a sample of the Quill shade patterns. Use the row numbers, and then add the column number to find the final shade number

For example, top left is 0+0=0, bottom right is 240+15=255

As you can see, a Quill shade number of 0 is actually empty so no pattern would be displayed. As a result, shade pattern 0 has been repurposed in PawMac.
Setting a value with a Quill shade number of 0 means that PawMac will use the associated GDI+ hatch style as a default -
for all shade patterns that are not explicitly catered for within PawMac or the override file. 

Once you know the Quill shade number, select the most appropriate match from the 53 GDI+ hatch styles: