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Introducing PawMac

PawMac is a Windows program that enables you to

  • produce maps of retro adventure games produced using Gilsoft's The Quill and PAW.
  • convert Quill database files so they can be loaded into PAW.

PawMac creates map files that can then be opened, viewed, and edited using the Trizbort application.

In order to produce a map file, PawMac needs

  • Trizbort (Tested on versions 1.7.0-1.7.2)
  • An output file from either UnPaws (Tested on version 2.1) or UnQuill (Tested on version 0.11)

An example file from UnQuill can be downloaded here.

An example of the final map output file can be downloaded here.

PawMac can convert The Quill output into files that can be used by InPAWS to create a PAW version of your adventure.

In order to convert a Quill file, PawMac needs

  • An output file using the -TZ and -V options from UnQuill (Tested on version 0.11)

In order to run, PawMac needs Version 4.6.1 or above of the .NET framework installed.

The latest version of PawMac can be downloaded here.